Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fort Frances, Chicago's new band to watch!

02 Falling Down by sticoftheweek

On a raining Sunday night in February here in Chicago, Fort Frances played to a sold out crowd at Schubas. I was delighted when David (leader singer) reached out to me a few weeks before. I heard the song "Falling Down" (which you can listen to above), and I knew I had to go check them out live. They are such an amazing band to say the least, I actually went ahead and shared their music with friends one saying "these guys should be on the radio." 

The passion really breaks through in every song, you listen to every song, and are nearly sitting on your seat waiting to hear the next which comes up and seems to be just as good as the one before.

Fort Frances is a band located right here and Chicago, and has shows coming up, Stic readers, you should all go check them out! These guys are going places!

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