Saturday, January 22, 2011

Free Energy & The Postelles - Rockkk on

I was able to check out The Postelles and Free Energy on Thursday night. First off I've never heard The Postelles who opened for Free Energy, they impressed the socks off me. Their lyrics are incredibly catchy, I see see good things happening for this band. They covered Elvis even, yes Elvis!? Break out the poodle skirt and cat glasses and jive away...

After a wonderful set from The Postelles, Free Energy took the stage, Paul Sprangers (lead singer) came on stage with a Batman shirt, saying he is representing Chicago aka Gothem City. Talk about a guy with a lot of energy on stage!? Sprangers dominated the stage and jumped and sang all around it. I think his feet were equally off the ground as much as they were on the ground. I really love Free Energy's vibe, they are really fun and just a feel good band. Also you can certain bust some moves listening to them, which is always a plus.

More pictures on Stic's Facebook.

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