Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My homemade veggie soup.

In these winter months, we all tend to gain some lbs, because we aren't as active as we are in the summer months. We also tend to gear our appetites to good old comfort food.  Why not do it a healthy way? Yesterday, I made some veggie soup, with all fresh veggies, mainly on sale at the store (Treasure Island). This yummy soup, isn't only healthy but cost affective as well. The total cost of this soup was $8, and serves five large bowls of soup. You will even have left over veggies, which you can stir fry up and put in eggs or whatever you desire.

Ingredients include:
Green beans
Tomatoes (from my friend Erica's garden)
Green peppers
Pacific organic vegetable broth (32 FL OZ)

Note: Meat lovers I would suggest for a extra kick adding cut up pepperoni.

Cut veggies, and place in heated cooking pot (I love Cuisinart cookware), so that they cook up before placing the vegetable broth into the pot. That's all you do, yes! I usually cook the whole 32 FL OZ broth, and freeze some of it.

Over the years of cooking, I've learned sometimes less is more. Some of the best recipes include the simplest method of cooking. Also great music, I was listening to Minus the Bear

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