Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hey Champ brings all the boys to the yard!?

On Friday afternoon I had a chance to catch up with local Chicago band Hey Champ. I recently met band member Pete Dougherty while hosting a Fresh Prince of Bel-Aired themed party at Beauty Bar in October. After talking to Pete about seeing them at North Coast Music Festival back in September, and having some issues with equipment, we found ourselves standing in the corner chit chatting about how things just have a way of all happening at once.

After talking to Pete, I just knew I had to sit down and talk with the rest of the band. Jonathan Marks, Saam Hagshenas and Pete Dougherty were in the studio recording their next album when we had our phone interview. For all of you that don’t know of Hey Champ, they are an electronic music band, and play catchy dance music. Not only are these talented musicians, they are also quite the characters. We shared lots of laughs on the phone interview
(nearly in tears from laughing so much). They are very smart and witty gentlemen.

Pete at North Coast
I was devastated to find out that my MacBook had failed me and cut off the interview while recording. I frantically answered a phone call from my friend in town from Denver and she encouraged me to take the night off.  So we headed to Big Star for $1 Schlitz and fish  tacos, where I figured out a game plan to turn the fiasco into a positive by taking on a new approach to the normal Q&A format. 

Halloween, picture taken by Amy Creyer
Once upon a time there was a band called Hey Champ that started showing up on the grid after playing a performance at the 2009 Lollapalooza at Grant Park in Chicago. Lollapalooza is to date the bands most favorite performance, since it is a huge music festival and performing in front of a huge crowd (you can go to iTunes and download the performance).  Before this opportunity, they said they were more of a website band. 
Jack Daniel MC Hammer Pants
Jonathan and Saam both grew up in Rockford, IL. Then Jonathan took off to New Jersey to attend Princeton University where he then met Pete. After college they all reconvened in Chicago to form the band. Their specific location in Chicago is to remain unknown, as the band doesn’t want to have any unannounced guests showing up at their apartments. Where in Chicago is Hey Champ?

You might wonder what this triple threat (delete "of a band") does in their free time, well see the video below for a view into a typical day. They also have a ritual of drinking Jack Daniels before performances (no chasers needed). Just them and their friend Jack. I joked with them about having screaming female fans and they said they actually have a predominately male fan base.
  They said the girls in the music video were all paid for, so note if you are a female, you should

Saam at North Coast
Jonathan at North Coast
make sure to go in the front row and dance and scream a few “I love you's” to the band.

When asked what was the most embarrassing song on their iPod, I was amazed to hear the names Fleetwood Mac and Sophie B. Hawkins roll off their tongues. Does this mean these rockers have a soft spot?

After telling them my website features style, music, and most recently a health and nutrition section, their ears perked and said when they are on the road they try and work out and eat healthy. Usually staying on the road at Holiday Inns, they said they try and use the gyms in the hotel (yes, those shitty tiny ones). That’s dedication isn’t it?  The band said they try to stay away from the greasy foods that normally might be eaten on road trips.  They do admit to love most of the Thanksgiving foods, such as turkey stuffing and the whole nine yards. Pete also says he loves his aunts Mac & Cheese. I’m guessing these healthy guys may be running the Turkey Trot before the feast? Their music is great to run and work out to! How fitting?!
What’s the bands style? They joke they are all jealous of Pete’s new leather jacket from Zara. They say they sort of go through a rotation on who has the best piece of clothing. They do like clothing and love their kicks!

...and they lived happily ever after THE END

Calling ALL Austinites...
Hey Champ DJing in Austin on December 12th with Moneypenny and Team Bayside. 

Location:  DBD (Ace's Lounge or Beauty Bar)

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