Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello Topshop! Welcome to the Windy City!

Yes you heard right Stic fans! British store Topshop is opening here in Chicago according to WWD. The store is suppose to be customized to fit Chicago's weather, meaning freezing winters and hot and humid summers, ummm... sort of like London?!? Chicago is the second city (yes, I know, how fitting the second city!) in the USA to have Topshop location, after NYC of course. Can you believe we beat out LA? It's of course going to be on Chicago's Michigan Ave, or as the tourist like to call it "the magnificent mile." (Note: To all people that do not live in Chicago, yes that is a dead giveaway you are a tourist)

According to sources when bringing the store over to the USA, they don't fix the prices to the current exchange rate. Which means in the UK the prices aren't bad, but when they are in the USA, they are very high for the quality of clothing. 

What are you all thoughts on this? I want to hear!

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