Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey Rosetta! - Coming to Chicago!

Hey Rosetta! is just one of those bands that makes you go "Wow!" When I first heard them, I was just lost for words, which doesn't happen often. I found this video which looks to be done at one of the band members house, and it starts with the lead singer Tim playing in (his or someone else’s) bedroom and he makes his way down the stairs (check out the front entry way with all the shoes, for some reason that cracks me up) and in each room of the house different band members are playing and he joins in playing with his guitar. It’s just really neat how it starts off Tim solo and sound builds up as he moves through the house and by the end the whole band is joined in one room. Now just watch the video above to see for yourself and be ready to be stunned.

Be sure to catch Hey Rosetta! at Lincoln Hall, September 10th!
**Then come back to Stic for an exclusive interview with the band!

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