Friday, July 16, 2010

Watersport's Fashion

For all of you that know me, you know that I'm huge into watersports on top of fashion and music of course. I spent my life living on a lake all summer long and living and breathing waterskiing. Above pictures are actually me. (not the ones in the middle, those are classic Cypress Garden photos) Yes you can still be fashionable when you are out on the water with you hair blowing in the wind. Below are some things you shouldn't leave the house with out before hitting the water. 

Boardshorts, I always try and wear these when the boat is going over 20 MPH. I don't want my bottoms at the bottom of the lake! Plus they have such cute ones out right now. The ones to the left I found on

Sunscreen, is a given, but don't forgot to reapply after being in the water!! Sunscreen might say waterproof, but don't believe this! Water is spying all around you its going to rub off!! Protect your skin. I found this organic sunscreen that I love at 
Beach towel, even on the hottest days, you are going to want something to dry off with. Why not make it fun with this zig-zag towel from

Flip-Flops, whatever you do, don't forget flip-flops, they are great because they won't scratch the boat because they don't have any sort of buckles on them, plus the rubber usually has a fairly good grip and they don't take up much room and can easily thrown into a beach bag. I just love Havaianas, they hold up well and come in amazing colors. 

Bikini Top that stays up! I found this top at, I really like this top because it goes around the neck and hooks in the back you shouldn't be loosing your top with this one. You will also have a life jacket on which helps keep everything in place. 

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