Monday, July 19, 2010

Pitchfork After Party, Local Natives, Lincoln Hall- Chicago

Not only did Local Natives play at Pitchfork during the day on Sunday, but they also headed over to Lincoln Hall for a sold out after show performance. You would never know these guys were sweating in the hot and steamy sun earlier that day. They brought an immense amount of energy and force to the stage. These astonishing performers drew the audience into there hands as though they were handing out free candy. The crowd couldn’t stop waving their hands in the air and swinging there hips back-and-forth. Fans started screaming and jumping when the song Airplanes was being performed. Ending things off they performed Sun Hands, which just blew me away live. It has been on my iPod as one of my most played tracks since back in March when they were buzzed about for their SXSW show. Hearing it live for the first time made me like the song even more, and it was as though they were playing it for the first time , the energy just beamed down on you like the hot sun did earlier that day. If you haven’t heard of Local Natives, you will start hearing about them, they have been gaining quite the buzz in the music industry. To check out more about Local Natives go here

Check out World News music video, go here.

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