Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hang Ten with Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood, originally from Palm Beach, FL., hails from somewhere you wouldn’t think of for indie pop. These 20-somethings have, however, surely made a name for themselves. SB just released Astro Coast, which ,ironically, has a bloody sharks mouth on the font cover.  How fitting. Listing influences influences such as female American authors, the band will launch a tour in North America, including a brief time in the UK, and ending it off right with four set at SXSW.

Surfer Blood sounds like a cross between, Weezer, Yellowcard and the Beach Boys, as odd as that sounds. The beach-y beat easily conjures summer out on the ocean, catching the surf. I’m actually surprised the band didn’t wait to release the album in the summer; I guess these Floridians forget some people have winter months? The highlight tracks on the album are Floating Vibes, Swim and Take it Easy. Surf’s Up!

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