Thursday, January 21, 2010

Voxtrot, Lincoln Hall, Chicago

Voxtrot is a band originally from Austin, TX. I recently saw them for the second time at Lincoln Hall. It was a perfect way to spend a Thursday night; they were playing part of Tomorrow Never Knows Music Festival. They have nothing but an amazing CD, but hearing them live, you can’t help but be even more AMAZED, and want to dance to the bitter sweet melody. You will be instantly energized, by the beat; all I could think about it putting back a few Lone Star beers and swing to the flow. The crowd was filled with fresh faced 20 something year olds, which also gave the show some character, the lead singer Ramesh Srivastava was talking about how they seem to visit Chicago frequently and play at college venues. These Austinite’s are living up to old saying “Keep Austin Weird.” Their unique take on music is timeless and I hope to see more of them in Chicago.

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